Sexy Guys Doing Sexy Things
Sexy Guys Doing Sexy Things
Here you will find a collection of mostly guys being sexy and doing sexy things. Obviously. If you're looking for something a bit more artistic or pretentious, you're welcome to follow "blackandwhitesexyguys." This is still the parent blog, however, and will therefore be the one I follow you back from. You know how it works.
I presume that the blatantly erotic images depict adults of at least 18 years of age because they are all reblogged from elsewhere on Tumblr.
If you yourself are less than the age of majority in your own jurisdiction, then you enter at your own risk, but I myself don't personally care. I began admiring the male form long before I turned 18.
If you find anything on here which belongs to you, well, maybe you should have thought of that before texting someone a picture of your junk and having it appear all over the internet. It's in the public domain now, bitches!